When it comes to innovation, we are always here to help ?

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Cola Cao to test-launch their latest product from their labs. A cold version of the milk&chocolate delight, created to deal with summer heats and strengthen the marketing game in retail.

A brand for the product.

The first step was to choose a name. After some brainstorming sessions and subsecuent online consumer tests, the chosen one was "Frappé", a descriptive word already established in consumers' minds as an hedonist treat.


Then, design. For both the brand, the freeze machine, and the beauty shots.

And finally, some prints to attract the public's attention.
The test was conducted in two cafes in Barcelona. 

We'll soon see if everyone is able to try Cola Cao's new frozen delight ?

Client team:
Álvaro Malmierca, Xavier Solà

Creative Direction:
Hugo Olivera, Jaume Leis

Art Direction:
Jaume Leis, Javier Fernández

Hugo Olivera, Enya Murphy

Aïda Vendrell

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